We're Okay is a solo sung by Joanne Jefferson in the stage production only.



(on cellular phone)
Steve -- Joanne
The Murget case?
A dismissal!
Good work counselor

(The pay phone rings. JOANNE answers it and begins a conversation with MAUREEN simultaneously juggling two other calls on her cellular phone.)
We're okay
Honeybear -- wait!
I'm on the other phone
Yes, I have the cowbell
We're okay

(into cellular phone)
So tell them we'll sue
But a settlement will do
Sexual harassment -- and civil rights too
Steve, you're great

(into pay phone)
No you cut the paper plate
Didja cheat on Mark a lot would you say?
We're okay
Honey hold on...

(into cellular phone)
Steve, I need to.. hold on...

(JOANNE presses the call-waiting button on the cellular phone)
Dad -- yes
I beeped you
Maureen is coming to Mother's hearing
We're okay

(into pay phone)
Honeybear - what?
Newt's lesbian sister
I'll tell them

(into cellular phone)
You heard?

(into pay phone)
They heard
We're okay

(into cellular phone)
And to you dad

(JOANNE presses the call-waiting as she speaks into the pay phone)
Yes -- Jill is there?

(into cellular phone)
Steve gotta --

(into pay phone)
Jill with the short black hair?
The Calvin Klein model?

(into cellular phone)
Steve, gotta go!

(into pay phone)
The model who lives in Penthouse A???
We're okay
I'm on my way

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