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Roger Davis is one of the lead characters in Rent. An ex-junkie, he is depressed by the death of his girlfriend, April, who committed suicide after learning they are both HIV+.

Roger is a struggling musician and the best friend/roommate of Mark Cohen. It is implied he hasn't often left their apartment after April's suicide the year before. However, he meets Mimi Marquez, and struggles with his feelings for her because he does not want to re-live the pain and suffering April's death put him through.

During the show, Roger is very moody, and only breaks from this during "I Should Tell You," when he and Mimi both confess to each other that they are HIV+. When he and Mimi fight again, he leaves for Santa Fe and only returns after realising how much he misses Mimi. During this trip to Santa Fe, he composes the song he's been searching for, about Mimi ("Your Eyes), which he sings when he believes she is going to die.

Not much is known about Roger's family, other than that his unnamed mother calls him in the stage version during "Voice Mail #5. In the orginal Broadway and film versions, Roger is portrayed by Adam Pascal. He is also portrayed by Aaron Tveit in the 2010 Hollywood Bowl production. Will Chase played the last Roger on Broadway and can also be seen in the 2008 film, Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway.

Songs Solos:

Solos (In A Duet):

Solos (In A Group Number):

  • Rent (with Mark, Collins, Benny, Joanne and Tenants)'
  • You'll See (with Benny, Collins and Mark)
  • Another Day (with Mimi, Angel, Mark and Collins)
  • Goodbye Love (with Mimi, Mark, Maureen, Collins, Joanne and Benny)
  • Finale B (with Mimi and Company)

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