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Here is where FANDOM Users can review shows they've seen of RENT, and how they liked it and things like that.

The Ending HIV Season Of RENT Edit

I watched the Ending HIV Season of RENT on the 4th of October, 2018, and I absolutely loved it.

Fin's portrayal of Angel was on point and was truly amazing, and I almost cried when Angel died. Such an amazing actor and singer

Karlo played Benjamin extremely well, since it was his first time having a non-ensemble role. Such a good actor.

Laura portrayed Maureen amazingly and I loved the energy and excitement she put into her character. Amazing.

Keith played Roger so very brilliantly. When Mimi "died" in the show, his "cry" of heartbreak was so emotional. He clearly put emotion into his acts and it was so amazing.

Kirstin played Joanne Jefferson really great. I really loved her performances, especially in Tango: Maureen. Really good actor and I loved her singing in Seasons of Love.

Sam Iosefo. Where do I start? He had an amazing deep voice, and when Angel died, the emotion he put into his voice brought me to tears. It looked like he was crying as well. I loved his performance.

Kristin as Mimi was an amazing choice. I absolutely loved her performance, making it sexy, seductive, but also passionate and at times, sad. When Mimi was "dying" I felt heartbroken as I really loved how she played her characters.

Sean as Mark. His performance was one of the best I've ever seen. I loved how he played him. I could see each emotion in your face or hear it in your voice when you sang.

Ah, the small ensemble. I absolutely loved you guys, as you were funny, sad, angry, everything. I laughed at the funny moments and I can't get started on how good the dancers were.

The set was amazing as well, so credits to the set makers,

Kit Haines. My Lord, you did an amazing job bringing this group together to perform such an amazing performance of RENT. I loved the twist at the end. I couldn't quite get the translation of "Seasons of" but when you changed Love to Aroha, I loved it. I swayed along at the end and the performance overall was probably the best I've seen.

I hope to see you all in the future, in more shows.


That tall teenage girl in the middle of the audience who sang along, and danced and screamed, and had her extremely tall mother next to her, having no clue what was happening. (I was in a fluffy jumper BTW)