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Adam Pascal portrayed Roger Davis in the original 1996 Broadway production and reprised his role in the 2005 film.  During both productions, he had a number of parts in the soundtrack from the start to the close.


DOB: October 25, 1970

POB: The Bronx, New York

Sountrack HighlightsEdit

  • "Seasons of Love"
  • "Rent"
  • "You'll See"
  • "One Song Glory"
  • "Light My Candle"
  • "Another Day/No Day But Today reprise"
  • "Will I?"
  • "Santa Fe"
  • "La Vie Boheme"
  • "I Should Tell You"
  • "La Vie Boheme B Reprise"
  • "Seasons Of Love B"
  • "Without You"
  • "Goodbye Love"
  • "What You Own"
  • "Finale A(I'll Cover You Reprise)"
  • "Your Eyes"
  • "Finale B/No Day But Today"
  • "Seasons of Love B Reprise"

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